19 Jan

Find a Health Improvement Scotland  (HIS) Registered Clinic.

Health Improvement Scotland is a governing body that provides clinical practice guidelines which ensure minimum standards are met. Also ensuring that clinics are continuing to improve  their services. 

 It is also advisable to read the actual inspection report that the clinic has received from HIS.


Check  that the practitioner treating you is on one of the following registers:

It is wise to check that the clinician injecting your treatment is listed on one of the above registers. 

Ask your clinician if they are willing to provide you with support and advice after your treatment should you require it.

Don't be afraid to ask your clinician about their experience and training.

Premium Products

Don't be afraid to ask your practitioner the actual  brand name of the products they use. Keep a note of the products used in the event of any complications or simply in case you wish to change clinic.

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